Using Perl 6 notebook in Binder

This is my another blog on running Perl 6 notebook. For previous blog,
see here.
This way of running notebook does not need any type of cumbersome setup or any special command. So its easy to follow.

There is a very exciting project called Binder. It provides an execution environment
for running jupyter notebooks .ipynb files in your github repository.
Reproducibility and scalability are two major things in scientific
research today. Which I believe Binder does!!

So today here I am showing how to run Perl 6 notebook in Binder.

Go to this github repo
and find launch|binder icon.

Click it.
After that Binder will build this repo if not already built or the
Dockerfile has changed recently:

After finishing the build, Binder will launch familiar Jupyter
environment as in this image

with all the contents of the repository.

From New in upper right corner, select Perl 6 and you will get a
Perl 6 notebook as shown here:

You are ready to go and code with Perl 6 in Jupyter notebook for all
your Reproducible Research.
If you have jupyter notebooks(.ipynb files) in your repo you can
click and open those notebooks too and execute codes.

Happy Coding in Perl 6!!


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