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CPython Internals Series


These are the nine lectures walking through the internals of CPython, the canonical Python interpreter implemented in C. These are from a dynamic programming languages course that Philip Guo taught in Fall 2014 at the University of Rochester.

To see overview of CPython, see here.

Here are the lectures:

Lecture 1: CPython internals – Interpreter and source code overview

Lecture 2: CPython internals – Opcodes and main interpreter loop

Note: There is a bug in this lecture regarding the compile() function, which is remedied at the beginning of Lecture 3.

Lecture 3: CPython internals – Frames, function calls, and scope

Lecture 4: CPython internals – PyObject: The core Python object

Lecture 5: CPython internals – Example Python data types

Lecture 6: Code objects, function objects, and closures

Lecture 7: Iterators

Lecture 8: User-defined classes and objects

Lecture 9: Generators

Enjoy watching the videos!!