Regexes in Perl 6

Perl 6 Cheatsheet Perl 6 Cheatsheet Suman Kathmandu, Nepal July 20, 2017 1 Regular Expressions ~~ Smart match operator. $/ Variable that contains the matched part of string. ~$/ Stringify the $/ variable. .match Method invocation syntax. / / Pattern is kept between a pair of slash delimiters. m/ / or m{ } Can […]

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ggmap in R

It is a package interfacing ggplot2 and RGoogleMaps. For details read this article and here is the cheatsheet. There are two steps in making a map. download raster data for the map with get_map() plot with the ggmap() and overlay with layers Raster data is downloaded with: location of center zoom factor: 3=continent, 10=city, 21=building […]

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Handling text in Perl 6

This is replication of what is in this tutorial in Perl 6. These things are relevant in text mining. Split sentence on space. my $string = “Pokhara is Is beautiful City city of Nepal”; .say for $string.split(” “); say $string.split(” “); ## Pokhara ## is ## Is ## beautiful ## City ## city ## of […]

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